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Francesco Colasanto



The arts and culture association was founded in Angri in 2005. Since then, the President is M° Francesco Colasanto, composer, producer and well known in the field of local art and culture.

Its main activity has been introducing and establishing the annual Canzoni dal mondo international festival of pop music, which after ten editions is enjoying admiration and acclaim locally, regionally and internationally.

“Canzoni dal mondo” provides an example of an event designed to develop, in both locals and visitors, an appreciation of the uniqueness, wealth and diversity of music from many countries. Organising the festival occupies us for much of the year with fundraising, calling for artists, and the inevitable budgeting, planning and report writing. Other activities include hosting workshops for musicians, technicians and professionals. These workshops have helped to build knowledge and skills for the long-term cultural benefit of our territory and our international partners.

The Festival has played an essential role through building intercultural understanding and respect. Furthermore, the festival brings a significant boost for the local economy. Our statistics show the number of audience is increased more than 400% since the festival began.

Our core operation runs from our headquarters located in Angri, with a permanent staff team of four people.

Significant areas we envisage developing further over the next years include:

• Invest knowledge; essential for producing a world-class festival

• Improve artistic and technical quality of Festival

• Skills building for musicians, technicians and industry professionals

• continue to establish new relationships




Artist Centred

«Rosso arancio” exists for the promotion and development of artists and therefore all of our organisational behaviours will be undertaken in with care and concern for their primary interests.

Respect and Understanding

«Rosso arancio” will place equal emphasis upon respect for local culture and tradition and the integrity of artists. And to build understanding and mutual respect. The associaion also respect its staff members, Trustees and volunteers and recognise their major contribution to the achievement of our mission.

Diversity and Exchange

Our association will promote diversity with respect for the context of our society. We will also promote exchange of cultures and traditions to promote understanding, peace and a pluralistic society. We do not allow discrimination in selecting artists, recruiting staff or crew on basis of race, gender, ethnicity, politics or religion.

Collaboration and Partnership

Our association is affiliated with WAFA. (World Association of Festivals and Artists) a non-governmental, non political, non profit, cultural institution and free of racial, gender or national prejudice . The objectives of WAFA is establishing close cooperation with the Festivals organizations, to attain higher standards, providing help to young talent in their advancement of their musical career, co-operating with National and International organizations.

TransparencyTransparency in major decision making is critically important. When selecting artists for the Festival, when reviewing the management accounts, budgets and expenditures, when dealing with new staff recruitment, salaries and benefits; is important to be transparent with each other and other relevant stakeholders.




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