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International Art Contest for young talents

Grand Prix Winners



     Nikolay Ivanov         Bulgaria

                Grand Prix  

 Summer 2023

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     Mihaela Petrache         Romania

                Grand Prix  

 Summer 2018

Mihaela Petrache.jpg



       Daria Shavrina

               Grand Prix  

Summer 2015



     Ivona Vladimirova                       Bulgaria

               Grand Prix  

Summer 2016




 TAN   Turkey

                Grand Prix  

 Summer 2019



          Nazli&Atila           Turkey

               Grand Prix  

Summer 2017

booklet summer 2015
booklet summer 2014
booklet summer 2012
booklet summer 2012

Since 2009


Eurokids art contest hosted delegations and artists from more then thirty countries





        Andrei & Maxim

               Grand Prix

              Summer 2014



   Mario Luciano Greco                                Italy

                 Grand Prix  

Summer 2013



     Presiyana Dimitrova                        Bulgaria

  Grand Prix  

Summer 2012



     Nicoleta Cotorobai                            Moldova

  Grand Prix

 Summer 2011

The main field of contest: The

category “Singing”. We waiting for great talents in  pop, jazz,classica

Even in Summer edition are welcomed dance group

After the great experience of “Classical” music during the winter edition we waiting for talents from all over the world.

We will select some talented artist and will set up an art exhibition in the most charming places in Maiori

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