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international festival & choirs competition

26th june/1th July  2019  Maiori,Amalfi Coast,Italy


GETTING From the airport

We can provide for a transfer service (via shuttle bus) between the Naples  and Rome Airports .The timing is determined by the flight information from our participants and guests .We also are able to provide for an independent transfer. please don't hesitate to contact us to check out for the best quote.

For Italian train information, click here. 


All participants are free to make their travel plans at their own discretion. There are many efficient search engines and websites with a range of flights and prices, such as:,, etc. In any case if you would need our help don't hesitate to contact us.

Travel Insurance:

For your protection, we strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance.


For sure we will use for upcoming edition 2019 some of this amazing venue;


  • Palazzo Mezzacapo ( historical site of '700 located in Maiori )

  • Doria Castle  (Castle of '500 located in Angri)

  • The Gardens of Palazzo Mezzacapo - Maiori

  • Open Amphitheater of Palazzo Mezzacapo - Maiori

  • Church of San Giovanni Battista  ( located in Angri)


We will have our workshops in:

  • Theatre of Monastery of S.Francesco  - Maiori

  • Hall of frescoes of Palazzo Mezzacapo - Maiori

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