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international festival & choirs competition

26th june/1th July  2019  Maiori,Amalfi Coast,Italy


Maiori International Choirsl Festival is held annually in June. Our staff and Maiori city  welcomes choirs from across the world for a programme of Gala concerts, Schools Concert. Maiori is well known as the pearl of Amalfi coast and is noted for its high standards of hospitality and friendliness.

Since 2004 we got a huge experience to create  an amazing atmosphere where guests and staff have fun during the whole Festival. 

We organized several concerts for italian and international artists during those years and also we organize since 2005 two wonderful international  events: Eurokids and Canzoni dal mondo, both international contests where we hosted artists from all over the world. Now we are ready with this new exciting experience. Under the auspices of Maiori city council  we are proud to present: Maiori Choir Festival.

Each year a number of international choirs are  selected to participate. Participating non-competitively gives choirs the opportunity to present informal performances in various locations across the city and region, while having the possibility to meet with other choirs, see some of Amalfi coast beautiful places, such Ravello,Amalfi. etc., attend some of the Festival events, sing, mingle, and soak up the Festival atmosphere . 


Maiori Choir Festival  has four main activities for all participants attending to the festival:

  • contest ‐ competitive section for choir and ensemble

  • seminars for choirs and soloists singers.

  • Singing Tour​ - in various nice places of our land ( Maiori,Angri,Benevento,Pompeii,etc)

  •  Excursions - ( Pompeii ruins, Reggia of Caserta, Amalfi coast,etc)


The organizer of the Maiori Choir Festival  is "Rosso Arancio ", a cultural association active since 2005 and based in Angri (Sa), Italy.


Rosso Arancio  manages all activities of the Festival :

- Reception of choirs and musical groups

- Organization of concerts 

- Choice of venues for exhibitions

- Programming  guided tours

- Choice of the Hotel

- Reception and accommodation in the hotel Groups

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